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Status: REJECTED (Joined another guild)
Submitted on: May 07, 2020 at 06:18 PM
Race and Class
Dwarf Guardian
What is the level of your character?


How long have you been playing Lord of the Rings: Online?

Was a Founder but coming back after a long absence

Are you a F2P-player or a VIP-player? (optional)


Have you been roleplaying for a long time or is this a whole new experience for you?

Long time, was in the DAoC Dwarven clan of Axe Peak

Please post the link to your character's Laurelin Archives profile (if applicable)

How would you describe your knowledge about Lord of the Rings and Dwarrow in specific?

Good, advide Lord of the Rings reader, Lotr, Silmarillion, and various Tolkien short stories.

How did you get in contact with our Kinship?

Did a google search on Dwarven kinships in Lotro

Do you know any of the Durin's Folk members or have you been in contact with anyone?


Why do you wish to join a dwarf-only kinship, as opposed to a mix or other race-oriented kinship?

Love playing Dwarven characters

What are you looking for in a kinship and what are your expectations of Durin's Folk?

As I am a senior now, 71, I am looking for a laid back crew that loves playing games for the fun of it. As soon as people get uppity because I may not be fast enough or whaterver, I am out of here. Wanted to try EU as play time is morning and afternoon EST US. I am willing to learn and because I am coming back an treating my self as a noob. Let my character speak: Aye lad, I have kin inna distant land called Camelot-though they be a wee bit found of the drink.. I be lookin for a fun group ta relax and adventure together with.

What kind of activity level are you likely going to have within Durin's Folk?

I am only looking for a social place, I want to learn as much as possible about role play, I want to learn as much as possible about Dwarrow and their Lore and Culture

Which of Durin's Folks Pillars would you like to join? (select one of the Pillars)

I would like to join the Pillar of Lore

And finally: tell us a good joke

Why shouldn't you piss off a dwarf? Because he's got a short temper.



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