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Hrundin Grundisson

Submitted on: Nov 27, 2019 at 07:34 PM
Race and Class
What is the level of your character?


How long have you been playing Lord of the Rings: Online?

since 2012

Are you a F2P-player or a VIP-player? (optional)


Have you been roleplaying for a long time or is this a whole new experience for you?

I've be been roleplaying since I started on WoW back in 2007

Please post the link to your character's Laurelin Archives profile (if applicable)


How would you describe your knowledge about Lord of the Rings and Dwarrow in specific?

incomplete, but I'm keen. I've been looking at the Khuzdul lessons on and off for a good while now, since there Dwarf players at the LARP I attend throw the odd Khuzdul word around.

How did you get in contact with our Kinship?

Dwarf-y Rolemaplay with Gylvald who I met by absolute chance, and the subsequent questing

Do you know any of the Durin's Folk members or have you been in contact with anyone?

Gylvald, and I've talked to Hosgrim and another officer (but I can't remeber which one, sorry!)

Why do you wish to join a dwarf-only kinship, as opposed to a mix or other race-oriented kinship?

Well, I'm all about Dwarf-ness. I want to learn about and RP as a Dwarf, IRL I LARP as a Dwarf and the Dwarf community at my LARP system alone is sodding glorious. Plus, ya know...Dwarves make the best ale.

What are you looking for in a kinship and what are your expectations of Durin's Folk?

I just wanna hang with/ RP with/ do cool events with/ make friends with the other cool Dwarf kin. Us Dwarrows gotta stick together!

What kind of activity level are you likely going to have within Durin's Folk?

I would like to take part of as much as possible

Which of Durin's Folks Pillars would you like to join? (select one of the Pillars)

I would like to join the Pillar of Force

And finally: tell us a good joke

A Dwarf, an elf and a man are traveling together on a winding country road, when they decide to take a relief break. When they're done, the man pulls some soap from his pack and states "my people are civilised, and we learn to clean ourselves thoroughly so as not to spread illnesses." The elf wipes his hands on some leaves, and says "Among my people, we learn to use what nature has given us, and cleanse ourselves with wild herbs." They both turn to see the Dwarf, already a half mile down the road, who shouts back "And my people learn not to pee on their hands!"



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