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Submitted on: Jul 18, 2019 at 09:17 PM
Race and Class
Dwarf Champion
What is the level of your character?


How long have you been playing Lord of the Rings: Online?

a couple of days

Are you a F2P-player or a VIP-player? (optional)


Have you been roleplaying for a long time or is this a whole new experience for you?

I have some RP experience but not a lot

Please post the link to your character's Laurelin Archives profile (if applicable)


How would you describe your knowledge about Lord of the Rings and Dwarrow in specific?

I read The Hobbit, The Lord of The Rings, The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales.

How did you get in contact with our Kinship?

I replied to Hosgrim's recruiting message and had a pleasant conversation with him.

Do you know any of the Durin's Folk members or have you been in contact with anyone?

I had a chat with Hosgrim

Why do you wish to join a dwarf-only kinship, as opposed to a mix or other race-oriented kinship?

RP and why would I want other races? Dwarves are the best!

What are you looking for in a kinship and what are your expectations of Durin's Folk?

Having fun

What kind of activity level are you likely going to have within Durin's Folk?

I would like to take part of as much as possible

Which of Durin's Folks Pillars would you like to join? (select one of the Pillars)

I would like to join the Pillar of Lore

And finally: tell us a good joke

Elves are cool


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I invited you in-game already. Welcome! :)
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