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Tharâg Nar - The Stores of Durin's Folk
Welcome to the stores of the kinship of Durin's Folk or Tharâg Nar!

(formerly Nur Tharûk)

The storage vaults:
* please read

Here you will find chapters of book-keeping and accounting of the stores of the kinship*.

All this is stored in the Hall of Records (or 'Mazarbul') that safeguards our chronicles - the amassed wisdom and lore recorded in scrolls, codices, folios of parchments, single manuscripts, tablets, tally sticks, runestones, talking knots and the like.
On the shelves, racks and in storage containers of the Treasury Pillar section, you may find the above mentioned storage entries of our inventories in the great folio which lists the kinship inventories.

The stores are filled by your generosity and kindness.
To the benefit of all, everyone is encouraged to donate freely what he might spare, so together we may prosper. Want to know what we currently have a shortage of? Then please have a look at our shortages page.

Points as reward for donations:
There is a point system and ranking during a Tharâg Nar reward period and questions you might have about.

Additional information:
Closely working together with the Stores are the Master of Craft and the Master of Trade.
To make orders for crafting new armour or weapons, or anything else that one might need crafted, please write in the kinships order book.