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The Pillars of Durin's Folk

Every community needs a sturdy foundation, not only to survive but also to thrive.
In the kinship of Durin's Folk we based our foundation on three important Pillars of Dwarrow Society:

the Pillar of Lore
the Pillar of Force
the Pillar of Trade

These three Pillars act as subgroups within our Kinship.
Do not regard them as separated groups because each subgroup compliments the others and, as in a true community, one could not exist without the others.

The Pillars of Durin's Folk

Upon joining our kinship you will sign-up for one of our Pillars by choosing the one that represents the goals of your character (IC) and/or you as a player (OOC) the closest.
While being part of one of our Pillars you are free to join the events and activities of other Pillars or join them on mighty adventures.
Like in real life, the interests of your character might change over time aswell due to experiences and paths taken. That is why you are always free to switch to another subgroup that will suit your new interests and goals.

The Pillar of Lore is meant for those with a keen interest in Dwarrow History and Culture.
Those of us that aren't afraid of blowing some dust from ancient scrolls and artifacts in dusty old tombes or libraries. Also those that enjoy plucking a Dwarrow tune or two on their Lute might find a home within this subgroup. When joining the Pillar of Lore you also become a member of Khuzd Belkul, our Lore orientated group with it's own Kinhouse.

Examples of Events:

- Khuzdul lessons
- Lore Walks
- Music performances

Examples of Activities:

- Lore/History related instancing
- Riddle contests

The Pillar of Force is meant for the Stout and Sturdy Dwarrow with shining armour, sharp axes and a keen interest in the (sometimes strict) Military way of life.
Those of us that aren't afraid of swinging their axes while taking on a few mighty foes.

Examples of Events:

- Military Exercises
- Marching training

Examples of Activities:

- Instancing
- Raiding
- Epic Battles

The members of the Pillar of Trade are clearly Dwarrow with two right hands and a sharp eye for deals.
They are the crafters and traders of Durin's Folk.
Durin's Folk has it's own treasury, store, a huge bank of goods and such for events of crafting.
When joining the Pillar of Trade you also become a member of the DFTC or Durin's Folk Trading Company.
The DFTC has it's own Kinhouse.

Examples of Events:

- The Dwarrow Market
- Mining, trade and caravan RP from Zigilgund, Othrikar and Moria.
- Crafting events