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You stand in the Mukbû Sigintarâg, the Library of the Longbeards, in the Halls of Khuzd Belkul.
Before you a stone table is placed. Standing firm on four massive pillars, the deep blue marble surface reflects the surroundings of the room. The sides and edges of the table are inlayed with a fine golden filigrain pattern. Upon the top of the table a thick leather book is placed. The cover of the book appears to be made of gold with a blue leather inlay. In its centre the head of Durin is displayed in gold and precious gems. The Runes on the cover read 'Mazarbul I'gelrûk Khazâd Durinul'unâkh' roughly translated it means Chronicle of Information about the Dwarrow of Durin's Hall. This Chronicle was given to Duinn, son of Muninn, who is son of Frerin son of Throrin by Dáin, king under the mountain, when he commissioned the order to establish the Kinship of Durin's Folk. The Chronicle contains all the information about and guidelines of the Kinship of Durin's Folk.

Table of Contents

- The Kinship Charter -

- The History of Durin's Folk -

- The Way of Durin -

- The Way of Durin: Amendments -

- The Pillars of Durin's Folk -

- Structure of the Kinship -

- Ranks -

- The Halls of Durin's Folk -

- Drill Codex -

- The Durin's Folk Chronicles -

- Recruitment (update in progress) -