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History of Durin's Folk

Mazarbul Zaharu Sigintaragul

Late in the Third Age, with troubles rising and a shadow in the east, the king under the mountain, Dáin of the Longbeards, ordered the establishment of a kinship of Durin's Folk to unite the Longbeards abroad and unify them under a single banner.

Dáin ordered Duinn, son of Muninn, who is son of Frerin son of Throrin to spearhead the kin and bring the dwarves of Ered Luin under his call.

The kinship Durin's Folk has since risen to prominence among the dwarves of the west, growing in size and friendship among the folk there. Since its arrival to the west, their banner has helped safeguarding Ered Luin against the enemies of the free folk and established the Dwarrow Ting.

The kinship is held by devotion, loyalty, honor and valor to uphold the the sacred code of the Way of Durin.