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Ceremonial Handbook: Parade of Êrâs Nar


The Parade of Êrâs Nar is a ceremonial celebration of another year of Durin’s line, and a show of strength to assure others that the force pillar, and the rest of Durin’s folk, stand ready for the coming year. It is to be held on the 1st of âfdohyar each year ((at 3:50pm servertime (as it is recently after the change to wintertime in europe, all events are hosted one hour later than usual, in terms of servertime, so it would normally be at 2:50pm) )). It consists of a large parade through Ulfirth, saluting all kinhouses along the way, and ceremonial inspection by a Guest of Honour.

It should be attended by as many Durin's Folk dwarves as possible, of all ranks and positions. As this is a ceremonial parade, a greater show of force will be more impressive. As well as this, dwarves and other folk from different kinships and factions may be invited to witness the parade.

This handbook, issued as a supplement to the Drill Codex of Durin’s Folk (sold separately) will outline the event, and the requirements for it, before going into more detail, with a full transcript of the parade.


Participants are expected to wear full Durin’s Folk uniform, including their weapons, according to their different banners, as per the Drill Codex. Those without uniforms or those with incorrect uniforms must obtain them from the Zabads if they wish to participate. Dress is to be of the highest standard, as is expected from any ceremonial event, and the Drill Codex section on ceremonial duty is a good guide. During the parade, participants’ uniforms will be inspected ceremonially by the Guest of Honour.


The parade forms up at the Military Academy (5 Roaring Road, Ulfirth) and sets off towards the main kinhouse (2 Highspires Street, Ulfirth). On the way, the parade stops and salutes at the Ulfirth Spire, the headquarters of Durin’s Folk Trading Company, and the House of Lore.

Eventually the parade will reach the main Kinhouse. However, before it does, the parade halts and marches the last stretch over the bridge in slow time, accompanied by music. The parade halts and salutes the guest of honour and Uzbad, who are waiting at the Kinhouse. The guest of honour ceremonially inspects the parade, accompanied again by music, before the parade salutes the main kinhouse.

There is then an opportunity for speeches, before the whole parade mounts up, and the Uzbad and guest of honour join onto it, before proceeding down to Frerin’s Court.


As well as the regular Imdul, Dumul and Zabads, a number of pre-determined specialised roles are required for the parade. To be chosen for one of these is a great honour, and those chosen must familiarise themselves with this handbook, especially the parts regarding their individual roles ((making a poetical file is recommended)).

The roles for the Parade of Êrâs Nar are as follows:

Imdul/Dumul : Form part of the body of the parade, saluting at the required points

Zabads/Izbad : Form part of the body of the parade, saluting or sword saluting at the required points

Bannerdwarf : Places any longbeard banner down at salutes ((iron hills banner emote))

Azaghâlbad : Leads the parade until the Uzbad takes over

Band : Provides martial music during inspection and marching ((solo music or with alts))

Guest of Honour : Waits at the dias until the parade arrives, inspects it, then joins it. May bring an Honour Guard of up to two dwarves

Honour Guard : If brought by the Guest of Honour, guards the Guest of Honour during the event

Uzbad : Waits with and entertains the Guest of Honour, before taking control of the parade and leading it down to Frerin’s Court


Event commences at the Military Academy, 5 Roaring Road, Ulfirth Homesteads ((at 3:50pm, servertime)).

Azaghâlbad : Imhî zadkh! ((Line up!))

Parade forms up, facing West.

The parade, from left to right (South to North), is formed of the Imdul/Dumul group, the Bannerdwarf, and the Zabads/Izbad group:


Azaghâlbad : Irmishi khama sut! ((Prepare for inspection!))

Azaghâlbad inspects parade, before joining onto the front (North) end.

The structure of the parade is now:


Azaghâlbad : Ibnisi! ((Turn left!))
Azaghâlbad : Mahishmikhi! ((Salute!))

The first of the salutes of the Kinhouses. On all salutes, Imdul/Dumul salute, Zabads/Izbad may salute or sword salute, and the Bannerdwarf places down any longbeard banner.

Azaghâlbad : Ibnisi! ((Turn left!))
Azaghâlbad : Ibnisi! ((Turn left!))
Azaghâlbad : Igjiji khuzd nifburul! ((Follow the dwarf in front!))
Azaghâlbad : Irmishi khama gang mulum! ((Prepare for fast march!))
Azaghâlbad : Mahignigi! ((March!))

The parade marches through Ulfirth homesteads along the following route, stopping and saluting at several points.

When approaching the final bridge to the main Kinhouse, the Azaghâlbad calls a halt:

Azaghâlbad : Mahitdini! ((Halt!))
Azaghâlbad : Irmishi khama gang subuk! ((Prepare for slow march!))
Azaghâlbad : Mahignigi! ((March!))

On this command, the Band, positioned just to the South of the path up to the kinhouse, after the bridge, starts playing music, as the parade crosses the bridge.

Azaghâlbad : Mahitdini! ((Halt!))
Azaghâlbad : Ibnisi! ((Turn left!))
Azaghâlbad : Mahishmikhi! ((Salute!))

As before, Imdul/Dumul salute, Zabads/Izbad may sword salute or salute and the Bannerdwarf places down any longbeard banner. The Band stops playing.

The Guest of Honour and the Uzbad, who are waiting on the stone dias, return the salute.

Azaghâlbad : Rimi Êrâs ((Rearguard of the Year)) ready for your inspection lords.

The Guest of Honour inspects the parade, the Uzbad giving help when necessary.

There is then the opportunity for speeches. The Guest of Honour, Uzbad and/or any other members may, if they wish, give short speeches, before the Azaghâlbad invites all included in the parade, as well any spectators, to give three cheers for the new year.

The Uzbad then takes control of the parade, as it enters its final phase.

Uzbad : Imhî Ifbaragash Êrâs Nar! ((Form the Vanguard of the New Year!))

The Uzbad slow marches and positions himself to the right of the Azaghâlbad, facing the same direction as the rest of the parade. The Guest of Honour and his/her Honour Guard, if he/she has brought one, slow march and position themselves to the left of the Imdul/Dumul Group.

The structure of the parade is now:


Uzbad : Ihgiri! ((Turn right!))
Uzbad : Mahishmikhi! ((Salute!))

The salute of the final kinhouse marks the parade’s transition into the mounted phase, and the final part of the official ceremony.

Uzbad : Imhî surju ra ikhribabi! ((Make room and mount up!))

All dwarves, including the Band get onto a goat or any other mount.

Uzbad : Igjiji khurb nifburul! ((Follow the mount in front!))
Uzbad : Irmishi d'akhrub subuk! ((Prepare for slow ride!))
Uzbad : Ikhribi! ((Ride!))

The Band starts playing as the parade snakes round and exits the Kinhouse via the bridge. After crossing the bridge, the Uzbad calls a halt:

Uzbad : Mahitdini! ((Halt!))

The Band stops playing and slow rides to join the rear of the parade.

The structure of the parade is now:


Uzbad : Igjiji khurb nifburul! ((Follow the mount in front!))
Uzbad : Irmishi d'akhrub mulum! ((Prepare for fast ride!))
Uzbad : Ikhribi! ((Ride!))

The parade then rides at fast pace to Frerin’s Court, halting on the other side of the gate to Ulfirth Homesteads in order to regroup. Once at Frerin’s Court, the parade dispurses.

Uzbad : Mahitdini! ((Halt!))
Uzbad : Intî izkhês-gakâkh! ((Drill dismissed!))