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Duinn Drakenbane / Jul 13, 2012
I know this is in short notice and that some of you might have less time to sacrifice for the event. BUT! This event is vital to the kinships name and all its members, many veteran eyes on Laurelin will be watching the event and watching Durin's Folk!!!
So I ask you, to take part, to take charge! The kinship is nothing without you and you have the opportunity to make something for the kinship and forever immortalize it. We have less time and very few things left to organize except having willing members active to partake in the running of the event.

We are looking for race officials and helpers for the events. Anyone willing to lend a hand will be welcomed. Things that would need done on these days.
* During events assist in the races
* Play Music and hand out ales and pies
* Judges for the Music contest

Contact Izbad Kandral to sign up for this! Please make an effort, this game is ranked in high importance! Note that your fun time won't be affected.
Duinn Drakenbane / Jun 11, 2012
The past months have seen changes and improvements and sad goodbyes but as often before Durin's Folk remains. It has been a bumpy ride lately with inactivity and personal stuff for many members, still however we tried to keep the machine running.
This machine, the kinship, is not running as smoothly as it should be and I have now simplified the kin in many ways and taken marshal matter in some subjects I deem preferable and more suitable for everyone's enjoyment.
Firstly I have promoted new officers to take charge.
Secondly, I have now shrunk the Guards to only two, that is; Thráin's Guard (Rangers) which will go through more changes which I will discuss with Izbad Kandral afore proceeding and Durin's Guard will remain active in assaults and incursions in the South and North (High level grouping).
Finally the Nur Tharuk, or points system or bank will discussed with Izbad Kandral once he returns and probably changed to a more simplified model.

The latter changes are currently suspended until the return of Kandral and Torstig, however, they will be in a slightly different form once they return or they might remain. Discussion needed. But note that this is a time of renewal and change as we usher in a new era for Durin's Folk and create a new golden age that will dwarf those passed. I call on all members to come and participate!

These may seem drastic but I deem it preferable and logical for the progression of the kin.

Duinn Drakenbane
Motsog / Apr 02, 2012

As you wil have heard at the previous kinmeeting "The Eldariant Alliance" have proudly announced that Durin's Folk - have agreed to join the Alliance.

The council allies hope to announce a gathering in the very near future to welcome us formally.

More about the Eldariant Alliance:

The Eldariant Alliance is one of the oldest kinship alliances of Middle Earth ((one of the oldest on the Laurelin server))

Many kins have been involved in it over the years, currently it is made up of the following kins: Laiquendi Order, Linna na Gelaidh, People of the Shire, Riders of the Riddermark, Genesis of the Free and Durin's Folk.

The alliance is the greatest alliance of West, guarding the liberties of the free folk, protecting our dwellings and halls and aidding one another whenever required... and off course enjoying the company of good friends in general merriment. ((Taking pride in teamwork, roleplaying, socializing and to have fun playing LotRO.))

((all of us are welcomed to register on the Eldariant site))

Duinn Drakenbane / Dec 24, 2011
To all members a hello and a merry Yuletide

Due to our kin meeting falling on the 25th of December and it being the highlight of holidays now, the kin meeting will be cancelled and or postponed to next week, however, regular kin events will resume on Monday.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas or happy holidays, I wish you all the very best. Also, I would like to thank all the members of Durin's Folk for their support and commitment, plus the fun occasions we've had together, and thanks for making Durin's Folk an RP haven for dwarven and tolkien enthusiasts, without you this kin would be nothing, so I salute and thank you.

We are also at a new chapter in our kin, not that any more changes are coming, but we will celebrate on the 30th of this month the one year of Durin's Folk on Laurelin. I expect a grand and joyous occasion at our kin hall that day, so hopefully all will join in, in the festivities. So, again thank you all, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Kind regards and ever at your services,

Uzbad Zaharul Sigin-Tarag Duinn Muninnul
((Lord of Durin's Folk Duinn Muninn's son))
Duinn Drakenbane / Nov 21, 2011
Yule tide approaches and many events and joyous times for our kinship

Open letter to the kinship,

Hail brothers of Durin's Folk! Firstly, I would like to apologize for my absence and would like to welcome new members and thank all of you who have worked hard and kept the kinship going. I will return soon.

With Yule tide approaching in Middle-Earth and our kinship being as busy as ever few events will be held in our halls and we will also call on our Dwarrow Ting allies to join in. We also have our kinship anniversary which will be a most grand event held outside in the kinship courtyard with fireworks food and music, and the inevitable and enormous amounts of ales and wines.
Yule tide we will celebrate the coming of the shortest day and the end of the dark nights and the beginning of lighter days. We will celebrate Yule blot on the 21 of December with a ceremonial event. Thus we will also celebrate Durin's mass or Mahal's mass sometime after the 25 of December.

Kind regards,

Duinn Muninn's son "Drakenbane", Lord
(Khazad-Dum 22nd Hall)
Duinn Drakenbane / Jul 25, 2011
Hail, Dwarrows of Durin's Folk!

A letter from Lord Glóin;

Hail and well met, Lord Duinn, my distant cousin. I have heard great things about your kinship and also of the successful incursion into Angmar, and I now call on your aid in the Misty Mountains, it also seems as though matters in Angmar and connected to activity here.

The presence of Goblins, Angmarim and Dourhands is overwhelming, our forces are stretched thin and our allies of Rivendell are preoccupied in the Trollshaws and Eregion. I urge you to come to my aid and it is urgently needed.

Envoys which you have met afore will leave Rivendell soon and will be in The Blue Mountains some time after this letter.

Your friend Lord Glóin Gróin's son

Dwarrows of Durin's Folk and veterans of Angmar; I call on you once more to answer the threat of evil that effects us all. The Misty Mountains are overrun with the enemy and our ancient stronghold of Helegrod is in the hands of Angmar! Will you sit idly by, will you join us for "kin and brother?"
We will await the envoys arrival on the 7th of August and then make ready our march to The Misty Mountains.

Lord, Duinn Muninn's son
Duinn Drakenbane / May 20, 2011
Hail, Durin's Folk!
Too long has the threat of Angmar lingered and now newfound evidence supports an alliance between the Goblins and Dourhands with the forces of Angmar.
Slowly Angmar suffacates The Western lands with its iron grip from the north. Will you sit by while your home burns or will you fight?
We have trained long and hard for the preperation to finally march on Carn Dum and we are ready!
I call on every abled bodied Dwarf to take up arms and march with us to Angmar. Your Lord and kin call on you, will you answer The Horn of The Dwarrrowdelf and march with us?
We set out on sunday the 22nd of May from our Kinhall at 6 of the clock past midday, a kin meeting will be held afore we march.