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Duinn Drakenbane / Jul 27, 2012
Cold Omens

Prologue: Uncertain Times

Munorin 2nd son of King Bávur V of the Stiffbeards, has come to visit Durin's Folk and inquire as to where the shipments of Silver have gone and why they have seized! Zigilgund of the North has sent no caravans east for three months. Angered by this Munorin comes to Ered Luin to ask what has happened and where their silver is. This agreement has been in order for centuries but something is amiss in the cold North.

The Kinship of Durin's Folk, since last it marched out in force has remained as patrolling and trading, they fought months ago both Angmar and the menace in the Misty Mountains to protect the western lands.
Becoming allied with Elves, Hobbits and Men and the founding of the Dwarrow Ting. Through the Dwarrow Ting, Durin's Folk invited other free folk to found the Western Ting, so Durin's Folk has grown in riches and power but little was looked to the old borders which they fought for afore.

Now, outposts and tactical retreats have moved the hands of the kinship of Durin's Folk, and Uzbad Duinn has ordered Izbad Kandral and Zabad Maldurin to take Thráin's Guard to Othrikar and re-establish their base to keep a watchful eye on Angmar and help the folk of the north.
Unbeknownst to Durin's Folk comes the royal visit of The Stiffbeards, Munorin Bávur's son has come to inquire as to why Durin's Folk have broken their agreement and where The Stiffbeards and their silver have gone? All this which Durin's Folk know not of and as Durin's Folk prepare to set up their outpost in Othrikar more trouble and fears will rise once more! Chilling thoughts go northward as tentative fears whisper to the walled mountains of Angmar and the iced bay of Forochel and beckons cold omens.

((Chapters will be added as the Campaign continues, this is but the teaser. The Campaign itself starts 29th July at 3pm at Ulfhirth Homestead))