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Help for the Harnkegger's Fest!!!

Duinn Drakenbane / Jul 13, 2012
I know this is in short notice and that some of you might have less time to sacrifice for the event. BUT! This event is vital to the kinships name and all its members, many veteran eyes on Laurelin will be watching the event and watching Durin's Folk!!!
So I ask you, to take part, to take charge! The kinship is nothing without you and you have the opportunity to make something for the kinship and forever immortalize it. We have less time and very few things left to organize except having willing members active to partake in the running of the event.

We are looking for race officials and helpers for the events. Anyone willing to lend a hand will be welcomed. Things that would need done on these days.
* During events assist in the races
* Play Music and hand out ales and pies
* Judges for the Music contest

Contact Izbad Kandral to sign up for this! Please make an effort, this game is ranked in high importance! Note that your fun time won't be affected.


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