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The Rise of Durin's Folk

Duinn Drakenbane / Jun 11, 2012
The past months have seen changes and improvements and sad goodbyes but as often before Durin's Folk remains. It has been a bumpy ride lately with inactivity and personal stuff for many members, still however we tried to keep the machine running.
This machine, the kinship, is not running as smoothly as it should be and I have now simplified the kin in many ways and taken marshal matter in some subjects I deem preferable and more suitable for everyone's enjoyment.
Firstly I have promoted new officers to take charge.
Secondly, I have now shrunk the Guards to only two, that is; Thráin's Guard (Rangers) which will go through more changes which I will discuss with Izbad Kandral afore proceeding and Durin's Guard will remain active in assaults and incursions in the South and North (High level grouping).
Finally the Nur Tharuk, or points system or bank will discussed with Izbad Kandral once he returns and probably changed to a more simplified model.

The latter changes are currently suspended until the return of Kandral and Torstig, however, they will be in a slightly different form once they return or they might remain. Discussion needed. But note that this is a time of renewal and change as we usher in a new era for Durin's Folk and create a new golden age that will dwarf those passed. I call on all members to come and participate!

These may seem drastic but I deem it preferable and logical for the progression of the kin.

Duinn Drakenbane

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I'm in agreement, as it seems change is preferable to more drastic alternatives.

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