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Durin's Folk joins the Eldariant Alliance

Kandral Strongbeard / Apr 02, 2012

As you wil have heard at the previous kinmeeting "The Eldariant Alliance" have proudly announced that Durin's Folk - have agreed to join the Alliance.

The council allies hope to announce a gathering in the very near future to welcome us formally.

More about the Eldariant Alliance:

The Eldariant Alliance is one of the oldest kinship alliances of Middle Earth ((one of the oldest on the Laurelin server))

Many kins have been involved in it over the years, currently it is made up of the following kins: Laiquendi Order, Linna na Gelaidh, People of the Shire, Riders of the Riddermark, Genesis of the Free and Durin's Folk.

The alliance is the greatest alliance of West, guarding the liberties of the free folk, protecting our dwellings and halls and aidding one another whenever required... and off course enjoying the company of good friends in general merriment. ((Taking pride in teamwork, roleplaying, socializing and to have fun playing LotRO.))

((all of us are welcomed to register on the Eldariant site))



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