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Motsog / Jan 02, 2018

Shamukh, and thank you for being part of Durin's Folk!

2017 was an awesome year for our kinship. Not only did we celebrate our seven years but we revamped our events schedule with great success and launched countless new forum RP stories.

With the efforts of our officers we have welcomed many new members into our kinship in 2017. Yet, any officer will tell you that finding new members for a single-race kinship can be challenging, especially if you are looking for not just any dwarf to join your ranks.

Going into 2018 I can tell you that -though doubtless no less challenging - our mission for finding just the right members for our kinship will continue with the same passion and determination, focusing yet again on finding new members of quality instead of merely crowding our halls.
Just as LOTRO will explore new horizons in 2018 so will Durin's Folk. Exciting new projects are already in the works such as a return of a regular US event, an update of the drill manual and even a few completely new events. Though our focus is ever RP-minded we will yet again ensure a healthy buffet of events, providing something for everyone's taste. 2018 will also see the introduction of "Content Weeks", in which we put aside RP for a whole week and as a group tackle a variety of LOTRO content, from deeds, to quests to the epic line. Stay tuned for the content weeks' schedule.

Our main theme for this year will be "Rewarding Gratitude". Personally, I'm especially thankful and proud for leading such an excellent dwarvish throng. Hence, as a prelude to our theme of the year, late 2017 saw the introduction of "seasonal officer rewards" - a token of my personal appreciation in the form of a seasonal amount of gold (or goodies) to our officers.

Of course my gratitude doesn't just stop with our officers, as all of us know the backbone of our kinship are the kinnies that attend the events and welcome us in kinship chat with a friendly "Shamukh". And to make sure you too feel our "rewarding gratitude" you will be able to sign up to the Durin's Folk Lottery, a new monthly reward program for all of our members as of February 2018. More on the Durin's Folk Lottery will be posted soon on this forum.

And that wraps up this year-ahead-letter my friends. Thank you again for bringing the dwarves of Tolkien to life here at Durin's Folk!

Ever at your service,

Kandral Strongbeard, Uzbad of Durin's Folk


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