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Seven Years of Durin's Folk

Motsog / Dec 24, 2017
Seven years ago, on December 30th 2010, this all-dwarf kinship emerged on the Laurelin Server.

As we should, we will have a party! While looking back at the wonderful events we've had, the members that have come and gone over the years, sharing stories and raising our tankard to Durin's Folk and many years to come.

I know it's the holiday season, but it would really be appreciated if we could get together for this unique event.
I will see to hold a raffle for everyone that attends with some NICE prizes 😀

Where: The Bear & Barrel Inn at 2 Highspires Street Brandfell, Thorin's Hall (Our very own Tavern)

When: Saturday December 30th 2017 - 3PM ST

Open to: All whom have fond memories of Durin's Folk.


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