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A Merry Yule to all!

Motsog / Dec 23, 2016
Dear brothers and sisters,

Looking back at 2016 I see countless fun and at time hilarious memories, a myriad of exciting and varied events, truly something to remember very fondly.

While we continued with many of our trusted events (from lore classes, to drills and varied RP sessions), breathing new life in some of them, we have also made great efforts in raiding, new styles of in-game and forum RP, and forum games, ensuring a wide offering for all our members (hardcore or casual RPers alike). A member base that has continued to grow thanks to the massive and relentless efforts of our officer-team.

Nearly a year ago now I accepted the position of Uzbad of the kinship. Thanks to the legacy of master Duinn and the unwavering support of all officers and members we've not only managed to keep going, (now in our 6th year!) but we've made our halls stronger than ever before! I was touched deeply by the trust you've all placed in me and will continue to do my utmost to bring the longest running all-dwarf RP kinship in lotro to greater heights!

As lotro says goodbye to Turbine it faces a very exciting future, one I'm grateful to be sharing with all of you.

On behalf of myself and all the officers of the Kinship of Durin's Folk, I wish everyone a merry Yule and a fortuitous new year! Wishing you and your families a relaxing holiday season and many moments of harmony and joy.

Those of you taking a holiday break from lotro, I look forward to seeing you back again in January, for all others "see you soon!".

May mithril find you all this season and the next!!




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