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A New Uzbad of Durin’s Folk!

Duinn Drakenbane / Mar 10, 2016
Dear friends, brothers, sisters and family! Without our combined efforts Durin's Folk would be but a footnote in history, but it is not so! We are more than that, much more! A home, a force and a vault of our accomplishment, and furthermore, a ship to carry us forward to a new age!

For many years now, I have lead the kinship to many exciting heights and have been honoured to be guided and accompanied by stout dwarrows from wise counselors, brave warriors and scholars to teach. But let us not forget that not at all times did we flourish and the pumps on the road shook us, but we got back up and carried on.
Old wounds are what they are a reminder of what was and not what is to be!

Our accomplishments go beyond what is imaginable! Outposts far and wide; a treasury filled to capacity; and warriors that have and will travel when needed into battle to protect what is ours, and that of all free folk! Not too mention, we have scholars that keep knowledge and find it where it is hidden to preserve and categorize past events for future generations to study!
Truly, Durin's Folk is more! The folk are what make it more, and without you all, the adventure would never have begun!

Many, years I have sat here, but new tides call for new folk! That is why, I Duinn Muninn's son Frerin's son, do hereby announce my resignation as Uzbad of Durin's Folk! Effective as of 13th of this Moon!
My finaly orders that are to be carried out in my name are set forth as follows:

1) I hereby grant Kandral Kuinn's son the rank and duties of Uzbad of Durin's Folk (effective from the 13th), Byl serving as Izbad and Thorlaen as Azaghalbad.

2) I raise Khimir and Azadrud to zabad of Durin's Folk

3) I will take the honorary title of Adad of Durin's Folk and retire into a zabadship of my choosing.

It is with heartfelt sadness and heartfelt joy that I let go, and pass the torch! I suppose the sadness is nothing but personal feelings attached to the Kinshop, for I have no worries in my nephew's capabilities to lead. Perhaps, it is the custom of comfort, or the change that is to come, as a parent sends a child into adulthood, it requires them to let go!

I expect you all to show my nephew Kandral's support as Uzbad, or else, I will personally give you a smack on the face! He is the most capable, loyal, wise and kindhearted dwarrow you will meet and serious in his resolve and considerations! No one could ask for better! But he will nonetheless need all our help, Durin's Folk does not run on its own, you know, we must all support our Lord and help build a brighter future.

Though I resign, I will not leave, you will find me when you seek me, I will be out and beyond and here, where my home is! I would personally like to thank all those you have supported and helped me; helped Durin's Folk become what is and send to all members my everlasting thanks!
And of course to my wife, Kveltrild who has supported me through rough times and good times!

So, come Sunday the 13th, at the kinship moot I will formally resign and give to Kandral Strongbeard the Uzbad's Circlet and the authority and rank of Uzbad of Durin's Folk. I invite you all to attend!

Again, I thank you all and will support Kandral Uzbadship with every inch of my being!

The honour to remain truly yours,
Duinn Muninn's son Frerin's son


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