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Merit Runes come to Durin's Folk

Motsog / Jul 05, 2014

What if I told you that one day, by simply RP-ing fun new dwarven adventures with your friends, Durin's Folk will reward you with cool in-game rewards, even Turbine Points!

You would dare to call me crazy right?... well no more... as that day has come my friends.

Today sees the birth of a completely new exciting RP-concept for our kinship. "MERIT RUNES"

Through a fun and rewarding concept inherited from Khuzd Belkul, all Durin's Folk members are able to earn "Merit Runes" by performing RP quests. These can be done individually or in group. When done in group a bonus amount of merit runes can be earned (promoting social RP behavior between members of Khuzd Belkul). The more challenging the RP quest is believed to be the more merit runes can be earned.

So what can be do with these Merit Runes ? They can be turned in at any time with the officers of Durin's Folk for rewards*. These rewards are fun in-game items. A list of rewards (and their required merit runes) has been posted on the site, these also include Turbine rewards (like TP points or steeds). Members of Durin's Folk can not only complete these quests and earn merit runes (enabling them to trade for nice in-game rewards), they also have the possibility to post new quests for their fellow kin.

A complete Q&A about the Merit Rune System can be found HERE.

The current Merit Rune Quests can be seen HERE

The current Merit Rune Gifts can be seen HERE

Ideas for new Merit Runes can be posted HERE.

An example of a completed Merit Rune Journal can be found HERE.

Have you completed a Merit Rune Quest and do you want to claim your Merit Runes? Post your journal entry HERE.


Kandral Strongbeard, Zabad of Lore of Durin's Folk

*Currently Zabad Kandral manages the rewards.


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