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Merger of Khuzd Belkul into Durin's Folk

Duinn Drakenbane / Jun 04, 2014
Hearken brothers and sisters of Durin's Folk,

The Order of Khuzd Belkul will, in agreement amongst them and with the Zabads of Durin's Folk be incorporated into Durin's Folk. Let me be the first to welcome the Order into the Kin .

The Order of Khuzd Belkul will be incorporated as it is into the Civil side of the kin answering to the Izbad and Uzbad only, and of course in cooperation with others. Replacing the Lore Guild and administering the Lore Pillar.
All members of The Order willing to join will be offered a non-royal Oath to Durin's Folk, which only swears to abide by the rules of Durin's Way. Furthermore, all member of the Order will be given the rank of Dumul upon accepting the oath.

Kandral Kuinn's son Strongbeard will be given the rank of Zabad, and with him Lady Fryjpora given the rank of Zokhoso, as The Order of Khuzd Belkul will replace the Lore Guild of Durin's Folk. Under the custody of Kandral and Fryjpora Gamil Zahar will be used appropriately.

The Order of Khuzd Belkul in Durin's Folk will be given a separate section in the Chronicles, in which their documents and present documents will be copied and kept, that is in Lore Pillar.

The official ceremony will take place this Sunday at Zahar Sigin-Turgul which formally welcomes all Khuzdul Belkul members into Durin's Folk and the implementation of the Order winthin the Folk.



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