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Khazadgund active, Ting approaching and the opening of Zahar Mazarbul

Duinn Drakenbane / Mar 27, 2014
Hearken dwarrows,

Many new things and exciting ventures lie ahead.
After formally being ratified and put into affect the Khazadgund will host its first event come the 14th of April. Forge Day feast, which promises to be grand and festive.

Set for the 10th of April, the Dwarrow Ting will assemble at Tingstead, at the usual time.

Durin's Folk has commissioned a second hall apart from our own Zahar Sigintaragul, to be named Zahar Mazarbul (house of records). It will have multiple functions, to be used as a Mead Hall for our festivities, to be used as a centre of learning and the preservation of our records. It will also be used for storage and display of trophies, and museum to showcase our history.

The museum initiative invites dwarrows to share in ventures and showcasing of our victories and history.

Duinn Muninn's son


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