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A bright future!

Duinn Drakenbane / Oct 28, 2013
Archet Aid approaches

Archet Aid is on the 2nd of november 1 bell of the clock past midday in Archet. We will be providing with our friends of Khuzd Belkul music with the Rolling Kegs.
We will also be doing a drill for the spectators, and training drills will be held tomorrow Tuesday the 28th, Wednesday 29th and those participating will meet an hour before Archet Aid to prepare for the last part.

Note: those participating in the drill are to wear the ceremonial uniform of Durin's Folk - only for the duration of the drill.


The 14th Dwarrow Ting

The 14th Dwarrow Ting will take place on 10th of November at Ulfhirth homesteads at the Tingstead there.


Other Events

- Campaigns are currently being planned
- Forge and prospecting events
- Khuzdul lessons
and more....


Can I ask who will be giving these Khuzdul lessons ?
Are these the same Kandral will be doing in the months to come or different ones ?
Different one's. Merely the study of the basics hello's and goodbye's, and some names and whatnot.

I was hoping that Kandral would have the Khuzdul lessons of his as an alliance event, which would no doubt be more advance then what I am proposing.
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