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Byl's last Journey

Byl / Jul 07, 2013
Tonight masters i revealed to you that my old wound has recurred to cause me more trouble.

An old wound... An Orc arrow to the chest is getting worse!

I fear i will no longer be able to perform my duties as a Zabad of the kin and I fear for my life if this coughing doesn't stop!
With every cough the arrowhead delves further towards my heart and i fear for my life

To that end I will lead one last charge into Sarnur
Next Sunday after the kin meet I will rally all the kinsdwarfs at Nogoland and lead them deep into the depths of Sarnur

Don't get me wrong... i am not looking for an heroic death... But if Mahal calls I will not refuse his embrace!
My life has been good and I do not wish it to end it in a sickbed!

Sunday night Brothers... Be there Without fail... i do not call on you often but to this I implore you to attend!!!

And do not tell Byli... He must not know my intentions!

Your friend in middle earth




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