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Gloriesk / Feb 22, 2019
Producer’s Letter – February 2019 – A Look Ahead


My latest letter to you will focus on our goals for the upcoming year. This is slightly different than just discussing upcoming content and features, and I hope to give everyone a bit more insight into how we want to improve the game. So, while this does provide a road map for the year, the following letter focuses more on our goals for the game in 2019:


First, our most important goal for the year is to continue to tell your ongoing story. We are excited to continue the Black Book of Mordor as it winds through Middle-earth and leads players to our next expansion. The tale will take us to the Vale of Anduin, where we will explore the history, important events, and secrets of that area. As the year continues, we will unveil more tales in the Vale, and then follow the story back towards Mordor to Minas Morgul itself. Among the many dangers you’ll face will be Shelob herself as you learn what she has been up to, and how she is influencing the future of Middle-earth.


That leads us to our second goal for the year: continue to balance the challenge of the game. The question of game difficulty has split our players, with some expressing concern over the difficulty in Mordor, and others loving the increased challenge. While we wanted Mordor to be a scary place, we heard your feedback about how difficult the region could be. For the next expansion, our goal is to balance the main storyline with the rest of the game’s content, rather than stepping up in difficulty. The landscape and normal instances will not have the same increased difficulty that Mordor had.

Instead, We will be looking to introduce optional challenge into the game in some instanced content by extending Difficulty tiers up to four, or even higher. Players can test their skill with these higher instance tiers, and earn increased rewards. We want some solo-, three-, six-, and twelve-character content to have extra tiers of difficulty: tier four, tier five, or even higher. This will allow players looking for more challenge to opt into it, while allowing players who are not interested in more difficulty to play through the story and not be forced to engage in that type of play.

64 Bit Client

We are testing our 64 bit Windows client, and updating our code so that environments can make better use of graphics memory. This will allow the client to overcome some restrictions on how the world loads, how textures load, and how much we are able to use modern graphics cards. We hope to have a client in beta as early as March.

Class Balance

With the recent updates to Minstrel, and with an update to Burglar on the way, many classes will have received their initial balance pass. Although this is a good start, we want to continue to work on class balance with updates, bug fixes, and tweaks throughout the year. We will continue to base that balance work on your feedback in addition to our own internal testing, and we intend to improve this feedback process this year and beyond. We have plans for Rune-keeper and Captain, though our goal for the future is to be able to add small changes to several classes at a time, rather than implementing a large number of changes for a single class.


One of our goals with the expansion is to add a robust update to Crafting, so players can make better use of the system at higher levels. We want players to craft exciting, fun, and powerful items. Although the system has been updated as players have leveled, we want to make Crafting changes that are even more significant and interesting, and give players a way to create better gear as a supplement to other content. We want players to have ways to interact with the Crafting system as they play through the content without making Crafting a requirement to play through the story.


One of the things we have been looking into is an update to the Virtue system to make it more relevant. Rather than the current system where Deeds reward Virtue points directly, we will shift to a system where completing Deeds (and possibly other content) will award Virtue experience points. Players will be able to choose which Virtue advances, whether that Virtue is slotted or not. Characters with existing Virtue ranks will be converted to the new system with their Virtue level intact. Additionally, all Virtues will provide small passive benefits to your character, even if they are not slotted. These changes will allow players more choice when earning Virtue benefits.


We are looking into more ways for Kinships to advance, and new rewards for Kins to earn as a group. We like the idea of small and large Kins advancing, earning cosmetic rewards for their housing, and allowing Kin leaders to occasionally activate buffs that benefit the entire Kinship. Activating these buffs would cost less for smaller Kins without compromising the value of maintaining large Kinships if that is what players prefer.


We want to provide a new Instance Grouping feature that resembles the existing Quest Grouping tab on the Social Panel. This feature will allow you to add up to five instances with class and level requirement criteria, and possibly others. Our goal is to replace the grouping functionality of the Instance Finder and lessen the need to send frequent LFF chat requests.

Legendary Server

Amidst all this, we want to make improvements to the game as the players on the Legendary servers march forward and we unlock new content on those servers. Players can expect to visit Moria in the near future, and we will continue to update the Legendary servers throughout the rest of the year.

We have a busy year ahead of us and we are excited to continue our journey with all of you. Thank you for reading, and thank you for playing The Lord of the Rings Online.

Motsog / Jan 02, 2018

Shamukh, and thank you for being part of Durin's Folk!

2017 was an awesome year for our kinship. Not only did we celebrate our seven years but we revamped our events schedule with great success and launched countless new forum RP stories.

With the efforts of our officers we have welcomed many new members into our kinship in 2017. Yet, any officer will tell you that finding new members for a single-race kinship can be challenging, especially if you are looking for not just any dwarf to join your ranks.

Going into 2018 I can tell you that -though doubtless no less challenging - our mission for finding just the right members for our kinship will continue with the same passion and determination, focusing yet again on finding new members of quality instead of merely crowding our halls.
Just as LOTRO will explore new horizons in 2018 so will Durin's Folk. Exciting new projects are already in the works such as a return of a regular US event, an update of the drill manual and even a few completely new events. Though our focus is ever RP-minded we will yet again ensure a healthy buffet of events, providing something for everyone's taste. 2018 will also see the introduction of "Content Weeks", in which we put aside RP for a whole week and as a group tackle a variety of LOTRO content, from deeds, to quests to the epic line. Stay tuned for the content weeks' schedule.

Our main theme for this year will be "Rewarding Gratitude". Personally, I'm especially thankful and proud for leading such an excellent dwarvish throng. Hence, as a prelude to our theme of the year, late 2017 saw the introduction of "seasonal officer rewards" - a token of my personal appreciation in the form of a seasonal amount of gold (or goodies) to our officers.

Of course my gratitude doesn't just stop with our officers, as all of us know the backbone of our kinship are the kinnies that attend the events and welcome us in kinship chat with a friendly "Shamukh". And to make sure you too feel our "rewarding gratitude" you will be able to sign up to the Durin's Folk Lottery, a new monthly reward program for all of our members as of February 2018. More on the Durin's Folk Lottery will be posted soon on this forum.

And that wraps up this year-ahead-letter my friends. Thank you again for bringing the dwarves of Tolkien to life here at Durin's Folk!

Ever at your service,

Kandral Strongbeard, Uzbad of Durin's Folk
Motsog / Dec 24, 2017
Seven years ago, on December 30th 2010, this all-dwarf kinship emerged on the Laurelin Server.

As we should, we will have a party! While looking back at the wonderful events we've had, the members that have come and gone over the years, sharing stories and raising our tankard to Durin's Folk and many years to come.

I know it's the holiday season, but it would really be appreciated if we could get together for this unique event.
I will see to hold a raffle for everyone that attends with some NICE prizes 😀

Where: The Bear & Barrel Inn at 2 Highspires Street Brandfell, Thorin's Hall (Our very own Tavern)

When: Saturday December 30th 2017 - 3PM ST

Open to: All whom have fond memories of Durin's Folk.
Motsog / Dec 23, 2016
Dear brothers and sisters,

Looking back at 2016 I see countless fun and at time hilarious memories, a myriad of exciting and varied events, truly something to remember very fondly.

While we continued with many of our trusted events (from lore classes, to drills and varied RP sessions), breathing new life in some of them, we have also made great efforts in raiding, new styles of in-game and forum RP, and forum games, ensuring a wide offering for all our members (hardcore or casual RPers alike). A member base that has continued to grow thanks to the massive and relentless efforts of our officer-team.

Nearly a year ago now I accepted the position of Uzbad of the kinship. Thanks to the legacy of master Duinn and the unwavering support of all officers and members we've not only managed to keep going, (now in our 6th year!) but we've made our halls stronger than ever before! I was touched deeply by the trust you've all placed in me and will continue to do my utmost to bring the longest running all-dwarf RP kinship in lotro to greater heights!

As lotro says goodbye to Turbine it faces a very exciting future, one I'm grateful to be sharing with all of you.

On behalf of myself and all the officers of the Kinship of Durin's Folk, I wish everyone a merry Yule and a fortuitous new year! Wishing you and your families a relaxing holiday season and many moments of harmony and joy.

Those of you taking a holiday break from lotro, I look forward to seeing you back again in January, for all others "see you soon!".

May mithril find you all this season and the next!!


Duinn Drakenbane / Mar 10, 2016
Dear friends, brothers, sisters and family! Without our combined efforts Durin's Folk would be but a footnote in history, but it is not so! We are more than that, much more! A home, a force and a vault of our accomplishment, and furthermore, a ship to carry us forward to a new age!

For many years now, I have lead the kinship to many exciting heights and have been honoured to be guided and accompanied by stout dwarrows from wise counselors, brave warriors and scholars to teach. But let us not forget that not at all times did we flourish and the pumps on the road shook us, but we got back up and carried on.
Old wounds are what they are a reminder of what was and not what is to be!

Our accomplishments go beyond what is imaginable! Outposts far and wide; a treasury filled to capacity; and warriors that have and will travel when needed into battle to protect what is ours, and that of all free folk! Not too mention, we have scholars that keep knowledge and find it where it is hidden to preserve and categorize past events for future generations to study!
Truly, Durin's Folk is more! The folk are what make it more, and without you all, the adventure would never have begun!

Many, years I have sat here, but new tides call for new folk! That is why, I Duinn Muninn's son Frerin's son, do hereby announce my resignation as Uzbad of Durin's Folk! Effective as of 13th of this Moon!
My finaly orders that are to be carried out in my name are set forth as follows:

1) I hereby grant Kandral Kuinn's son the rank and duties of Uzbad of Durin's Folk (effective from the 13th), Byl serving as Izbad and Thorlaen as Azaghalbad.

2) I raise Khimir and Azadrud to zabad of Durin's Folk

3) I will take the honorary title of Adad of Durin's Folk and retire into a zabadship of my choosing.

It is with heartfelt sadness and heartfelt joy that I let go, and pass the torch! I suppose the sadness is nothing but personal feelings attached to the Kinshop, for I have no worries in my nephew's capabilities to lead. Perhaps, it is the custom of comfort, or the change that is to come, as a parent sends a child into adulthood, it requires them to let go!

I expect you all to show my nephew Kandral's support as Uzbad, or else, I will personally give you a smack on the face! He is the most capable, loyal, wise and kindhearted dwarrow you will meet and serious in his resolve and considerations! No one could ask for better! But he will nonetheless need all our help, Durin's Folk does not run on its own, you know, we must all support our Lord and help build a brighter future.

Though I resign, I will not leave, you will find me when you seek me, I will be out and beyond and here, where my home is! I would personally like to thank all those you have supported and helped me; helped Durin's Folk become what is and send to all members my everlasting thanks!
And of course to my wife, Kveltrild who has supported me through rough times and good times!

So, come Sunday the 13th, at the kinship moot I will formally resign and give to Kandral Strongbeard the Uzbad's Circlet and the authority and rank of Uzbad of Durin's Folk. I invite you all to attend!

Again, I thank you all and will support Kandral Uzbadship with every inch of my being!

The honour to remain truly yours,
Duinn Muninn's son Frerin's son
Motsog / Jul 05, 2014

What if I told you that one day, by simply RP-ing fun new dwarven adventures with your friends, Durin's Folk will reward you with cool in-game rewards, even Turbine Points!

You would dare to call me crazy right?... well no more... as that day has come my friends.

Today sees the birth of a completely new exciting RP-concept for our kinship. "MERIT RUNES"

Through a fun and rewarding concept inherited from Khuzd Belkul, all Durin's Folk members are able to earn "Merit Runes" by performing RP quests. These can be done individually or in group. When done in group a bonus amount of merit runes can be earned (promoting social RP behavior between members of Khuzd Belkul). The more challenging the RP quest is believed to be the more merit runes can be earned.

So what can be do with these Merit Runes ? They can be turned in at any time with the officers of Durin's Folk for rewards*. These rewards are fun in-game items. A list of rewards (and their required merit runes) has been posted on the site, these also include Turbine rewards (like TP points or steeds). Members of Durin's Folk can not only complete these quests and earn merit runes (enabling them to trade for nice in-game rewards), they also have the possibility to post new quests for their fellow kin.

A complete Q&A about the Merit Rune System can be found HERE.

The current Merit Rune Quests can be seen HERE

The current Merit Rune Gifts can be seen HERE

Ideas for new Merit Runes can be posted HERE.

An example of a completed Merit Rune Journal can be found HERE.

Have you completed a Merit Rune Quest and do you want to claim your Merit Runes? Post your journal entry HERE.


Kandral Strongbeard, Zabad of Lore of Durin's Folk

*Currently Zabad Kandral manages the rewards.
Duinn Drakenbane / Jun 04, 2014
Hearken brothers and sisters of Durin's Folk,

The Order of Khuzd Belkul will, in agreement amongst them and with the Zabads of Durin's Folk be incorporated into Durin's Folk. Let me be the first to welcome the Order into the Kin .

The Order of Khuzd Belkul will be incorporated as it is into the Civil side of the kin answering to the Izbad and Uzbad only, and of course in cooperation with others. Replacing the Lore Guild and administering the Lore Pillar.
All members of The Order willing to join will be offered a non-royal Oath to Durin's Folk, which only swears to abide by the rules of Durin's Way. Furthermore, all member of the Order will be given the rank of Dumul upon accepting the oath.

Kandral Kuinn's son Strongbeard will be given the rank of Zabad, and with him Lady Fryjpora given the rank of Zokhoso, as The Order of Khuzd Belkul will replace the Lore Guild of Durin's Folk. Under the custody of Kandral and Fryjpora Gamil Zahar will be used appropriately.

The Order of Khuzd Belkul in Durin's Folk will be given a separate section in the Chronicles, in which their documents and present documents will be copied and kept, that is in Lore Pillar.

The official ceremony will take place this Sunday at Zahar Sigin-Turgul which formally welcomes all Khuzdul Belkul members into Durin's Folk and the implementation of the Order winthin the Folk.

Duinn Drakenbane / Mar 27, 2014
Hearken dwarrows,

Many new things and exciting ventures lie ahead.
After formally being ratified and put into affect the Khazadgund will host its first event come the 14th of April. Forge Day feast, which promises to be grand and festive.

Set for the 10th of April, the Dwarrow Ting will assemble at Tingstead, at the usual time.

Durin's Folk has commissioned a second hall apart from our own Zahar Sigintaragul, to be named Zahar Mazarbul (house of records). It will have multiple functions, to be used as a Mead Hall for our festivities, to be used as a centre of learning and the preservation of our records. It will also be used for storage and display of trophies, and museum to showcase our history.

The museum initiative invites dwarrows to share in ventures and showcasing of our victories and history.

Duinn Muninn's son