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Date: Jun 11, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Thordralin
Category: Military Events
Alliance Event: Yes
We meet and lvl, occasionally rp - current cap is lvl 14 - all may join us!

Info posted on discord:
Hi! As mentioned on latest dwarrowmoot, this topic will serve as groundwork for new set of events that will happen on weekly basis.
Here's some general rulesets (might change in the future) :
- General concept of the event is to group up and engage in the in-game content together (that includes deeds, quests, instances)
- To make gameplay a little bit challenging and more interesting I thought about getting an stone of Tortoise (xp-blocker) so we won't steamroll trough the content too fast. You have to invest 100 LOTRO points, though you will make much more by just completing Ered Luin deeds so it shouldn't be too taxing even for pure F2P
- First cap would be lvl 7 and our first goal would be completing whole Ered Luin deeds (except Sarnur)
- Depending on progress and how the situation develops, lvl caps might be raised
- Only Dwarves/Stout-axes are allowed


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