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Date: Aug 08, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Category: Merriment Events
Alliance Event: Yes
Greetings brothers and sisters and welcome to a monthly competition of skill and daring!

Go into the Rock belly pit and before you lies a mighty spike of stone, harder than granite and deadly sharp!

This is the spike that you will attempt to land against.
You climb to the highest point in the pit where a bridge spans the cavern.
You jump from the highest point of the bridge.
You may step off, jump off or run and jump off.
You have 10 seconds to jump from when the official says “GO”
Please be aware that you can only jump once... If you land on a ledge above the spike then the jump is invalid
You must land in the water around the spike... If you bounce off onto dry land the jump is invalid.
No falling buffs of any kind may be used or a foul will be called and that jump will be declared invalid.

The fearless Dwarrow who damages him or herself the least gains points that will add up over the months to form a league. A grand prize will be awarded on the eve of the new year to the Dwarrow who has averaged the most points over time.
To prevent an unfair advantage to those who come regularly, points will be averaged against times competed
And a running average will be regularly updated on this thread.

Points are awarded as follows...

Land on the spike itself: 15 points (And yes it can be done)
No injury: 10 points
Scratch ((6 seconds fall damage)): 5 points
Minor Injury ((18 seconds fall damage)): 3 points
Major Injury ((30 seconds fall damage)): 2 points
Severe Injury ((45 seconds fall damage)): 1 point
invalid Attempt: 0 point
Incapacitated by falling damage: disqualified from competition.

Officials on the ground will count up the points and declare the standing after each round.
There are three rounds in total after which the winner of that months round will be announced.
In the event of a tie for any place there will be a “Sudden death jump off”

Please ensure that your health insurance covers you for dangerous sports before competing!

The competition begins on this Wednesday 12th April at 3pm servertime

If we are few in number then the first to fall will be the judge for the next competitor whilst the previous judge runs up to the top for his or her turn. Likewise the next competitor will say "Go" for the current jumper.


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