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Date with The Dwarrow Scholar

Date: Sep 20, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Category: Lore Events
Once a month I am inviting every one of you and our dwarf friends to an event related to the work I do on the various Dwarrow Scholar blogs. Those of you not familiar with The Dwarrow Scholar, it is an alter-ego of myself where I can muse about Tolkien's dwarves, their culture, customs, expand the dwarvish language, etc. With this event I want to, once a month bring an element of that into lotro.

So, what can we expect?

Something different every week. Sometimes we will have a lesson in Neo-Khuzdul (about one specific topic), other times we will talk about the history of the dwarves in character, and at yet other times we might discuss out of character dwarves in the works of Tolkien or Germanic legend. You won't know what to expect till you get there.

Cool, so when and where is it?

Once a month, each 3rd Wednesday of the Month, you can join us at the Durin's Folk Lore house, which is Khuzd Belkul Kinhouse, 5 Stonemirkstreet, Ulfirth. Event location may be different depending on type of topic, but we gather here every time.

Do I need to bring something or prepare for anything?
Apart from some good humour, a smile and your lotro dwarf character you need to bring nothing. @Gildoin: yes, clothing is mandatory. 😉



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