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Welcome to the Chronicles of the kinship of Durin's Folk, home of the Longbeards

Out of Character Introduction

Welcome to the Chronicles of Durin's Folk, a Lord of the Rings: Online Roleplaying Kinship.

Durin's Folk, created in 2011 on the Laurelin [EU] is a RP kinship, unique because of a variety of reasons. To mention a few - we have unique events that incorporate Neo-Khuzdul, we host the Dwarrow Ting, and, although we are a RP kinship, we are also oriented towards game progression, based and even sometimes blended with RP for extra fun.

The kinship strives to come as close to Tolkien's description of the dwarves as possible, and offers players a change to indulge themselves in this legendarium. By offering Neo-Khuzdul and Lore lessons, we hope to broaden insight to the linguistic, cultural and societal aspects of what it means to be a dwarf in Middle-earth.

Like true Dwarrows, we are proud of our heritage, our beards, our kin, our beards, our friendly community, and our beards. Did we mention that we are proud of our beards?

All Joking aside, Durin's Folk is also home to a few well-known events and initiatives on Laurelin, such as the Dwarrow Ting, the Harnkegger Games, the Tablets of Khazadgund and the famed Rolling Kegs band.

Our kinship works with a foundation based upon three important Pillars of Dwarrow society:Lore, Force and Trade. We implemented these Pillars as subgroups in the kinship. You can learn more about the Pillars on the Pillars' page

We have different ranks and uniforms. One uniform system is for ceremonial purposes only, and mandatory for events deemed ceremonial. The other is free for all to use, with two exceptions of color. Furthermore, the kinship has a military side and a civil side: being active in one side does not exclude you from taking part in the other. The division is simply for what kind of RP is appropriate.

If we sparked your interest and you want to learn more about us, please visit our I'gelrûk page to learn more about our Kinship.

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